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Patient Testimonials
  • George P. - Rochester ..
    2 months ago
    I went to Barclay for neck pain that I had and they helped a ton. But, after numerous MRI's, it was determined by two doctors that I needed two surgeries - shoulder surgery and a neck fusion. After having intense shoulder surgery and a serious cervical neck fusion 3 months apart, I was back at Barclay for therapy. I worked with Kathy Yax before and after my two surgeries and she's helped me in more ways than one. From disciplined, customized physical therapy, offering wise council as to what my body had been through, how my muscles are connected, and how to strengthen, all on my road to recovery. The entire Barclay team was kind and welcoming helping me feel positive during tough times as I worked hard to heal and recover. I've been to other physical therapy facilities whose approach is "no pain, no gain," and I felt worse than before. Barclay's approach is to listen to their patients, offer wise council along with excellent, gentle care with the goal of healing. I've been riding my bike for the first time in 2 years! I would highly recommend Barclay Physical Therapy as the best in the business! They have your health in mind as a priority. Thanks Kathy and Barclay PT!
  • Robin R - Rochester ..
    2 months ago
    The difference in pain in just 6 visits was amazing. The staff is friendly and VERY helpful. They really care about providing you with the best care! I would recommend this office if you are in need of physical therapy.
  • Roksolana S - Rochester ..
    2 months ago
    My doctor told me in order to avoid surgery, to get physical therapy. I came across Barclay Physical Therapy and I am glad I did. I've improved significantly!!! I was given home exercises and knowledge about my condition that I will keep using to correct my knee. THANK YOU!!! I highly recommend these guys if you are in need of a physical therapist.
  • Merrillynn T - Rochester ..
    5 months ago
    I have had PT before but I have never had such a thoughtful and kind series of exercises and such a thoughtful person helping me. I never waited for an appointment. They were always waiting for me and I'm a person who is always early. This was a great experience!
  • Linda A - Auburn Hills ..
    5 months ago
    Over the years, I have been to a few different physical therapy places but this is the best. They are friendly and accommodating regarding appointment times. I enjoy the one-on-one interaction working with a therapist. You feel that you are their only client. They work directly with you and make sure you are doing the exercises correctly for the most benefit. They want to find out what works best to help you improve. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Even though I did not utilize pool therapy, it is nice to know that they have a pool on site.
  • Faye A. - Rochester ..
    5 months ago
    The Barclay PT-Rochester Hills staff were AWESOME! Special shout out to Kathy, Lisa and Murali. Before my mother had PT sessions, she could barely lift her right arm. But just after the first session, she noticed a big difference right away. Her therapists were very caring, considerate and mindful of my mother's PT needs. They made sure my mother was well enough before she was discharged. We are SO VERY pleased with Barclay PT-Rochester Hills.
  • Simon B - Utica ..
    7 months ago
    I had such a great experience at this facility. Tiffany worked me with after my ACL repair to get me back to sport. She always had new exercises and workouts that challenged me and helped me with a speedy recovery. They were very accommodating with my work schedule and made it very easy to schedule appointments. After my discharge I was told that I could come in anytime with any questions and Tiffany would help me out.
  • Maryam M .- Rochester ..
    8 months ago
    Amazing facility and the best treatment available. I wish I had discovered this place years ago. Murali is the best. You will notice an improvement after just the first few sessions. Going to Barclay PT for my treatment is absolutely the best decision I made!!!
  • Mike K. - Rochester Hills ..
    10 months ago
    I injured my knee to the point where I even couldn’t run at all, I thought I was going to have to give it up. Kathy and the team at Barclay Physical Therapy had me back running five miles pain free, everyday, in just over a month. Thanks guys!
  • Adrian E. - Detroit ..
    10 months ago
    Coming here is very helpful because you have all helped me a lot and I would tell everyone I know to come here because you all rock! Thank you to the entire Barclay PT team for everything!
  • Dannette F. - Utica ..
    10 months ago
    When I started coming to Barclay P.T. I was in so much pain from Degenerative disc C 6-7 that I was almost on my knees in tears. Murali and Kathy are absolutely wonderful! They are kind and knowledgeable and have helped relieve my pain tremendously. I would definitely recommend them for anyone that requires Physical Therapy.
  • Tracey B.- Rochester ..
    11 months ago
    I am so pleased with Barclay PT. Kathy is the best! I wouldn't go anywhere else. Devin is very considerate and professional.
  • Julia B. - Shelby Twp ..
    1 year ago
    Kathy has worked on me for many different reasons. She is very knowledgable, pleasant and has positive results. The best! Would always recommend her to others.
  • Geri S. - Rochester Hills ..
    1 year ago
    I am a RN and had bad ankle injury. I found this PT center after researching and reading reviews. I attended this PT center for three months for the severely sprain ankle. My therapist Murali was wonderful, very professional and knowledgeable. I'm now back to my previous activities. Would recommended this therapy center for any injuries. (Facebook 5/5)
  • Dennis H. - Sterling Heights ..
    1 year ago
    I aggravated my lower spine while golfing causing severe muscle spasms that took me away from my favorite physical activity. I remembered that I had been treated at Barclay PT in the past for the same thing. I had simply quit doing my back exercises that I learned from Kathy Yax with the predictable outcome. Kathy took me back in and began PT right away and my spasm got under control at the time. When I resumed golfing after a few weeks I re aggravated the injury and the spasms became much worse. I called with that situation and was able to come in without an appointment. The best I can tell anyone is that this is a great facility staffed by people who really care that you get better. I have been treating with Lisa Guisty recently doing Pilates exercises with great results. Lisa, like Kathy and the rest of the staff that I have met are kind, caring and highly knowledgeable and professional. Thanks so much for your help ladies. I'm staying until I feel the best I can at age 73. (Facebook 5/5)
  • Maria A. - Utica ..
    1 year ago
    Excellent facility for your physical therapy needs. Staff very professional and friendly. (Google review 5/5)
  • Brad J. - Macomb ..
    1 year ago
    Absolutely love this place! Very great and friendly staff who is very good at what they do. I do have been getting great treatment and results here at Barclay. (Google review 5/5)
  • John E. - Rochester Hills ..
    1 year ago
    Awesome staff, friendly and knowledgable. (Google review 5/5)
  • John P. - Rochester ..
    1 year ago
    Awesome friendly staff, always felt welcome. Came in with horrible back pain and recovered very well in only a month's time, amazing results. (Google review 5/5)
  • Tom C. - Rochester Hills ..
    1 year ago
    Absolute best physical therapists around. Helped me strengthen my Achilles after a sports injury extremely fast. Would definitely recommend! (Google review 5/5)
  • Nicole P.- Rochester ..
    1 year ago
    Everyone here is kind, helpful and professional . I am glad that I picked this place for my physical therapy for my knee injury. I always leave there feeling better! (Google review 5/5)
  • Shelley W. - Rochester ..
    1 year ago
    This was the most hands on experience I have ever had at any physical therapy clinic. Nicest people too! Everyone would say hello and ask me how I was feeling, not just my therapist. East to work with and schedule. Thank you! (Google review 5/5)
  • Tim H. - Pontiac ..
    1 year ago
    I am very pleased with my visits to Barclay PT. I would recommend them to anyone! Very friendly and helpful. Thank you very much Murali! (Google review 5/5)
  • Dharma P. - Northville ..
    1 year ago
    I went to Barclay PT for my back problem. Murali, DPT, took good care of me and I was suprised by the results. In no time I am able to get back to my routine. Friendly staff and very knowledgable. True 5 stars! (Google review 5/5)
  • Kate H. - Waterford ..
    1 year ago
    Murali and team were extremely helpul in leading me on my path to wellness. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone that is needing help with physical therapy and looking for successful results. Thank you so much! (Google review 5/5)
  • B. K. - Troy, MI ..
    1 year ago
    I came to Barclay PT with neck pain and in 2 weeks of 3 sessions each, I was able to return back to normal with no pain medication.
  • T. Bowie - Rochester ..
    1 year ago
    I am pleased with Kathy and her team of students. I was sad when they graduated because they learned from a great teacher. Kathy is patient, sincere and kind. I enjoy my sessions with her because it gives me the relaxation I desperately need.
  • M. E. - Madison Heights, MI ..
    1 year ago
    Meagan has become a very special person in my recovery process. As a breast cancer survivor who struggled with chemo and radiation, I was left with tight muscles and scar tissue that caused me constant pain. Meagan listened to my challenges and developed a strategy to make me feel better and increase my range of motion. After the very first session, I knew I found the right person to help me with my road to recovery. My pain level decreased and my range of motion improved greatly. I love working with Meagan. I feel physically and emotionally better and have appreciated all the compassion, professionalism and kindness that was shared with me each week by Meagan and the rest of the staff. I can't believe how much better I feel and would recommend Barclay PT to anyone who needs physical therapy!
  • B. C. - Rochester ..
    1 year ago
    My doctor referred me to Barclay Physical Therapy for my neck pain. I found it very easy to make appointments to fit my schedule. The relaxed atmosphere made it a pleasant experience. My physical therapist and the whole staff were very friendly and professional.
  • P. L. - Troy ..
    1 year ago
    We are extremely happy with the care at Barclay PT. Murali is able to assist my husband in walking and help his body to strengthen. He also helps by telling my husband what will help to relieve the soreness in his body. I would honestly tell you Barclay PT is the best! If you want to feel better, give them a call. Your body is very important to you and your family. The staff is excellent!
  • S. S. - Utica, MI ..
    1 year ago
    Caring, thoughtful therapists. Always questioned how I was doing. They gave me an abundance of exercise information. Emotionally supportive if I was having a "bad" day. Would recommend Barclay Physical Therapy to anyone for sure!!! Appointments - I never had to wait more than 5 minutes to begin treatment.
  • R. M. - Troy, MI ..
    1 year ago
    It was back 2 years ago, March 2015, I had my first surgery for rotator cuff repair. I chose Barclay PT to guide me in my recovery. In January of this year, 2017, I had a second surgery for the same rotator cuff. The doctor went back in due to a portion of the first surgery that did not heal properly. Again, I came back to Barclay PT to take over my healing process. In 2015, Kathy handled my case and as then and now, she is certainly providing the most professional, quality care in seeing I get the best chance to become 100% as my body will allow. Along with her student, Marissa, I am looking forward to a great recovery. If I am ever asked my opinion for a therapy option, I would without a doubt recommend Barclay PT.
  • E. M. - Utica ..
    1 year ago
    This is my second time using Barclay for helping me get back to a normal life. The system they use of no pain treatment really works. You are never forced to encounter pai.n Just tell them when you feel it starts and they will back off. The building is very clean with all modern equipment. I am confident that you will find only the best at Barclay Physical Therapy!
  • E. J. - Shelby Twp, MI ..
    1 year ago
    The Barclay staff is wonderful. They are friendly, flexible, very accommodating and helpful. They make therapy comfortable while teaching proper techniques and exercises to help with your issues. I was able to strengthen my knees and learned how to keep it up at home. I did this all while they worked around my crazy schedule including letting me bring my kids when we had no babysitter. I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you for being such a great facility.
  • T.M - Shelby Twp, MI ..
    1 year ago
    God blessed me by bringing me to Barclay PT, in Shelby, over two years ago for the first time. I had severe issues from several surgeries which caused pain, inflammation, major scar tissue and loss of motion and range in my shoulders, upper back, ribs and breast area. Meagan is a true gift from God! Her expertise, PT knowledge, and essential oil usage on me has healed me far beyond where I thought I'd be. When I first started I could not get my arms up to my ears. I was unable to sleep through the night due to pain. Under some really bad circumstances, Meagan got me moving! After finding a new surgeon and coming back again, I have progressed way beyond my original hopes. Meagan is very caring, gives full reports to my surgeon and in turn, my surgeon has referred other patients to her. The entire staff at Shelby is great. Mary Jo has helped me so much too. Thank you everyone! If you need an excellent physical therapist, see Meagan at Barclay PT in Shelby. The soft tissue work is amazing and healing. The strengthening exercises can be tough at times, but do it regularly and you will get results! The whole staff is wonderful and accommodating! Also with my very private concerns and issues, things were handled professionally and with tender care. Thank you Meagan - you are a treasure and gift from God!
  • E. H. - Royal Oak ..
    1 year ago
    I came to Barclay PT suffering from a very tense neck, shoulders and back. Within 3 visits my range of motion had increased immensely. Kathy, Marissa and Tiffany were great! They made sure I received benefits from their services so that my time was not wasted. This clinic put me ahead of a money machine. That seems to be rare anymore. Thank you for your service - 5 star rating!
  • K.G. - Washington Twp, MI ..
    1 year ago
    This is the second time I've come for physical therapy. The staff is very friendly and professional. The treatment I've received works extremely well. They even have a pool for therapy. I feel much better after each visit. Everyone helps out and are concerned about my progress. I highly recommend Barclay for any physical therapy you may need. I even took some cards to hand out to anyone I know who may need physical therapy. A great place!
  • S.P. - Bloomfield Hills, MI ..
    1 year ago
    I came for treatment of arthritis pain in my back after the delivery of my newborn. My doctor referred me to the clinic. I used to wake up with stiff pain every morning and struggled to pick up my baby. I took ibuprofin around the clock. Jessica, Lisa, Meena and Kathy worked with me to teach me new exercises, corrected my posture and introduced me to Pilates as a form of physical therapy. I was pain-free and off of medication after 6 visits. I value the clinic's expertise, never felt rushed like at other places, and noted every patient was treated like family. Staff, including billers and front office staff, knew each and every person's name and welcomed each patient with a warm smile. I have already referred my friend to this clinic and will recommend more.
  • J.C.- Bloomfield Hills, MI ..
    1 year ago
    I am a returning patient. I initially came for care 14 years ago and am returning because of Meena Narula. Honestly I am working on my care for overall strengthening before my knee surgery. I feel this clinic can help me with my various needs to become stronger. There is an aquatic pool, Pilates equipment and very kind staff who are very knowledgeable about the exercises I need. I believe I can do this with Barclay Physical Therapy's helpful treatments. Thank you!
  • Y.L. - Troy, MI ..
    1 year ago
    I like Barclay Physical Therapy very much. I received help back in 2010 and again in 2017. The staff is very friendly and professional. The physical therapists are nice and thoughtful. Physical therapy helped me to improve a lot after each visit. I highly recommend Barclay PT for anyone needing physical therapy.
  • A.G. - Washington Twp, MI ..
    1 year ago
    I was recently been treated at Barclay Physical Therapy and the experience was great! I was treated by a knowledgeable and caring staff. They monitored my progress and adjusted my treatments accordingly. They made sure I was doing my exercises properly, so as not to injure myself. The staff is very personable and friendly. If I need physical therapy again, I will definitely return! I would recommend them to anyone.

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Welcome to Barclay Physical Therapy. Since opening in 1992, we’ve helped thousands of individuals with their rehabilitation process. We strive to deliver optimal results and accomplish our goal of helping patients regain control of their body and life and return to enjoying activities of daily living without pain and discomfort


Our experienced staff provides excellence in care by compassionately listening to our patients, hearing their concerns, learning what works and what doesn’t. We set personal goals and work in partnership with the client, his/her doctor, physical therapist, and family members and/or caregivers, to design an individualized program that specifically meets the unique needs of the patient. We work together as a team to address the root cause of the problem and adjust the physial therapy protocol until it’s the right fit.


At Barclay Physical Therapy, we empower the patient. We not only treat the individual, but we also teach. Education is a key component in patient recovery and prevention of re-injury.  We strongly encourage patients and their families to access our website for useful information and links to resources, including videos. At the conclusion of treatment, patients are trained in and sent home with strategies to continue strenghtening and improvement.


Our hands-on, personalized approach combined with our clinical know-how is the key to our success. Each staff member brings his or her own specialized area of expertise. Patients can expect to receive one-on-one care by the same therapists on each visit, with a minimum of 45 minutes of direct care, which enables us to build meaningful relationships and maximize outcomes. Eightly percent of our patients are repeat clients. However, at Barclay Physical Therapy, patients are not just customers; they are members of our extended family. Call us now if you believe we can help you and experience the difference! We accomodate appointments within 24-48 business hours.



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